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Ojai Green Homes

"Casa Pequena" project for Ojai

Another green building project in Ojai, California...

This project was inspired by Michelle Kaufman's Glide House which is another Ojai project we are working developing.  Unlike the Glide House, Casa Pequena is site built - meaning we are building the house in the conventional manner by wood framing the building on site.  Although we don't have the same effect of having the house show up on the truck, we are able to control the process more and the costs and timelines are about the same.

One problem with a prefabricated house is that it can be hard to make changes in the design because the factory has to re engineer the building.  Because a custom home is unique to it's site, it is virtually impossible to create a pre fabricated house that works for all situations.

This property has a beautiful view to the north and we wanted the windows to open up to the north while providing shade from the southern sun.  Also this gives us an excellent place to put our solar panels.

We are currently developing a "Casa Pequena" plan that works particularly well in Ojai

  • 640 square feet - maximum guest house size

  • open to northern views

  • provides shady area for outdoor terrace

  • excellent set up for solar panels